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The TCO22 Eastern Asia Regional Event will take place August 5-9, 2022. This event will be held online on August 8, 2022 (see the full schedule)-save the date! Everyone is welcome to register and attend our online event, but only qualifiers may compete and win prizes. If you have questions, please go to the forums, and register here!

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Countries in this Region

The following countries/regions are part of this region:

Mainland China Hong Kong
Macau Japan
Mongolia Taiwan
South Korea


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The event will include the following competitions with cash prizes and swag. Competitions include:

  • Algorithm Competition

  • Design Competition

  • Development Competition

  • QA - Software Testing Competition

  • Lightning Marathon Match

The event will also have fun competitions to award you Topcoder Swag. It will also allow you to mingle with other Topcoder members in your region and find out who is the shining star member in your region!


My internet connection is very slow so how will I be a part of the games and events?
We think your internet connection should just be suitable to allow you to participate in Topcoder Contests. You can always watch the live sessions later as they will be recorded.

Can I experience the platform you are using to host all the events before the event?
We will be using Welcome which is the same platform we use for webinars and had used for the TCO21 Finals.


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