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The TCO22 Africa and Western Asia Regional Event will tentatively take place between May - August 2022.

Location and Venue details will be shared later.

Countries in this Region

The following countries are part of this region:

Algeria Angola Benin Botswana
Burkina Faso Burundi Cameroon Cape Verde
Central African Republic Comoros Democratic Republic of Congo Djibouti
Egypt Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Ethiopia
Gabon Gambia Ghana Guinea
Guinea-Bissau Ivory Coast Kenya Lesotho
Liberia Libya Madagascar Malawi
Mali Mauritania Mauritius Morocco
Mozambique Namibia Niger Nigeria
Republic of the Congo Reunion Rwanda Saint Helena
Sao Tome and Principe Senegal Seychelles Sierra Leone
Somalia South Africa South Sudan* Sudan*
Swaziland Tanzania Togo Tunisia
Uganda Western Sahara Zambia Zimbabwe
Turkey Syria* Iraq Lebanon
Jordan Israel Saudi Arabia Yemen
Oman United Arab Emirates Qatar Kuwait
Palestine, State of Mayotte Georgia Cyprus
Chad Bahrain Azerbaijan Armenia

*Doesn’t include South Sudan, Sudan and Syria according to Standard Terms for Topcoder Competitions v2.2


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How to Qualify

These exclusive events are invite-only meaning you have to win a ticket to attend. You have to compete in Topcoder Challenges, SRMs, or Marathon Matches launched during TCO22 Stage 3 (January 2022 to March 2022) to earn TCO22 Points.

Each track has different criteria for point allocation. Read the track-specific TCO22 rules to learn more about scoring and point allocation.

Members are then invited to the event according to their placement on the regional leaderboard. A minimum amount of 20 members per track would be definitely invited. However, this number may go up depending on the participation, sponsors, location and venue.


We are looking for sponsors for the event, who are looking to hire local talent or showcase their technologies, API’s and products to the amazing tech audience.

Send a quick note to and we would be happy to help you be a part of this event!

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